Thursday, May 02, 2013


Face Of Cheam Social Media Extensions

As you may have noticed, this blog is hardly kept regular and up to date. I am trying to rectify that and have now completed gigs up to the end of 2012 bar one. I also now have the blogger app so when I do get as up to date as I can then maybe I can keep on top of it. However, Faceofcheam has branched out and I do use Twitter a lot @faceofcheam, which although mainly comments on Saints and has some re-tweeting about other football, there are some music and other commentary of whats going on in the world. I have also recently joined Instagram, again @faceofcheam, though currently am getting used to it and have no followers and am not currently following anyone. Still I am and hopefully will continue to put up some good photos I take, well as good as can be with my phone, which may amuse people. Thats it as far as my branding goes at the moment, I have no idea what snapchat, vine or tumblir are so may be sometime until I go that far. Still never had a Bebo or myspace account either so I think three outlets for the face of cheam are enough for the time being!


Thin Lizzy & The Quireboys Shepherds Bush Empire 17.12.12

So the last London gig of 2012 and a double bill of The Quireboys and the band that calls themselves Thin Lizzy though any rock fan will tell you that Lizzy can't really exist without the late and sorely missed Phil Lynott. Mainly there for the Quireboys who played for just under an hour, with two new songs, though familar as they have been in the set for a year now. Ending with the classic Seven O'Clock it was a shame that the venue was not more packed for them, as it had been for Skin the night before. More people came in for Thin Lizzy who rolled through the classics such as Jailbreak and Rosalie. A touching Gary Moore penned Still In Love With You was played, sung by Darren Wharton who supported Moore in 1990 in his group Dare. Inevitably in ended with a rousing The Boys Are Back In Town.


Little Angels & Skin Shepherds Bush Empire 16.12.12

Hopefully not the final throw of the dice by two of the greatest rock bands of the early nineties. It appears that both are now at least part time. Little Angels threw in their Kids Wanna Rock cover I last heard at the Camden Underworld with my mum in tow in 1992! Great stuff and the fact the Empire was rammed suggests a few more gigs are left in them yet.


Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Borderline 14 & 15 December

Two consecutive nights at The Borderline for Dan Baird & Homemade Sin with two different two hour plus sets. Always enjoyable, he played my favourite Satellites song Sheila on both nights though I think in different keys. I bought the Bluefields CD of which Dan and guitarist Warner Hodges feature who plan to tour here in 2013 after the show.


Human League, Hatfield Forum 10.12.12

A new venue for me. In the student union of Hatfield, sensibly they kept the drink prices at student levels. A nice bar at the back and by the stage on the right where we perched ourselves. Phil & the girls went through all the hits ending with the classic Together In Electric Dreams. You know what you are getting with the Human League, hits and a very good time.


Uli Jon Roth - Sutton United Boom Boom Club 2.12.12

An unusually big name for Pete Feenstra's Boom Boom Club. Uli Jon Roth is a guitar legend and here with a set of his own, Scorpions and Jimi Hendrix tunes he rocked. Some fantastic solos and a privilege to see one of the guitar greats up close.

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