Sunday, January 09, 2011


New Years Resolution

Going to start using this blog as more of a diary type thing rather than just gigs. No reason why it shouldn't other than lazyness (I will write some text for Glitter & Taylor below - promise). To start with a couple of photos taken when I went to Notts County last year & where I should be on 3rd round day prior to watching Dougie Donelly.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Glitter Band / Jona Lewie / Captain Sensible


The Pretty Reckless, Shepherds Bush 16/12/10


Skin & Toby Jepson

Just going to quote the girl next to me that she said at the conclusion of Toby Jepson's set. --- "AWESOME".

Toby - She's A Little Angel / Kicking Up Dust / Unwind / The Chosen One / Don't Prey For Me / I Ain't Gonna Cry / Young Gods / Backdoor Man / Too Much Too Young

Skin - Born To RocknRoll / Good To Be Back / House Of Love / Colourblind / Stronger / How Lucky You Are / The Book Of Your Life / Redemption / Money / Take Me Down To The River / Look But Don't Touch / Tower Of Strength ////// Perfect Day / Unbelievable //// Shine Your Light


Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie had been off the radar for a while, but a packed Islington Academy mostly with males of a flambouyant nature meant showed that the public hadn't forgotton her completely. A hits set with an Arcade Fire cover thrown in, meant for a good show though at times it got a bit too dance-y for me. Sophie's vocals were fantastic however and carried even the most dodgiest of tunes. This did make me yearn for the days of Theaudience (her first flight into music) who's couple of shows and V festival performance hold long in my memory - look them up kids!


Quire Boys, Forum 11/12/10

Quite drunk for this one I'm afraid, ASDA making the mistake of making four small bottle of wine the same price as a 500ml bottle of peroni, so when it came to decide what for the train on the way back from Southampton value won! (unlike Saints against Andy Scott's Brentford - hopefully a blip). This was on top of my work's Christmas do the night before. Still if there is a band to be drunk to it is the Quireboys. Extended set going on beyond 11, annoying when you are in Kentish Town, it was good to hear newer songs such as Come On & I Love This Dirty Town mixed in with their obvious stuff from their classic debut. We saw a bit of the support from Dan Reed who was a bit too funky for my liking but a good evening had and a hangover the next day!


Those Dancing Days, Lexington 8/12/20

All girl swedish band with twee pop indie stuff is all you really need to know. Have a new album in 2011 which will be worth checking out. I love the first one!

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