Friday, January 10, 2014


So far!

Using Jan 1st as a starting point it's been quiet so far. Boris's no strike agreement when he was first elected and non closure if ticket office policy just eighteen months ago will hopefully be enough failures/ uturns to ensure this is his last term in charge if London. Not too many pubs done so far and actually looking forward to defining my role at work after a shall we say transitional year of 2013. Looking forward I may put some new songs on my Soundcloud account (rich Bradshaw 1) if you're wondering. Have a few 'window sets you free' the most promising. 

Things to be excited about are;
Holiday to Vegas & LA. 
another FF Quo gig
Attempting to defend a darts trophy
And obviously a few gigs, the main one being oddly Taylor Swift. 

Not being restricted to a short sentence a la twitter feels good so hope this reboot works #faceofcheam 


Happy 2014

So anyone or the non persons who read this, has seen it die a death of recent times so its time for what Hollywood say is a reboot! Those who want gig photos, follow faceofcheam on instragram. Those who want one liners do the same on twitter. This will be used for more boring crap that those who can't be arsed to meet up for a beer can know what I'm up to. Stay tooned as they say! 

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