Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Gary Moore, Brighton Dome, 17.4.09

The 4th gig in four days and this time for the blues of Gary Moore. A handful of pubs were done beforehand including the Basketmakers Arms which is becoming a favourite if mine when in Brighton. Unfortuanately we had a pint of Festival ale to go in the show with which wasn't very nice.
Gary Moore did what he does best and played for two hours. An omission of 'Still Got The Blues' was surprising, and we were told he doesn't do that one anymore whne someone heckled for it. Still we got a good version of 'Walking By Myself' and an elongated 'Parisienne Walkways' to end. I also enjoyed his Chuck Berry number 'Thirty Days'. Sensible time tabling of the trains also meant we were able to get the 23.12 train back to East Croydon which coincided with the last train from West Croydon home.


Bat For Lashes, Anson Rooms Bristol 15.4.09

In between my trips to the O2 I ventured to Bristol for Bat For Lashes promoting their second album 'Two Suns'. The Anson Rooms is part of the University some way from Temple Meads station so this enabled a few pubs to be done. The Cornubia had Cheddar Valley Cider on draught which comes out the colour of the Dutch national football shirt. My cider drinking buddy somehow approved of this! Bank was more of a traditional pub with three types of Thatchers and we had something to eat in a Wetherspoons close to the venue.
At the Anson Rooms, the place where they play is a bit like a badminton court or gym area. It is an upstairs place where the entrance is to the right and a solid wall on the left meaning it can get a bit crowded and difficult to get to my favourite position! Still we got a resonable view fairly central. Jemima Khan was on good form, taking the mickey of a hiary bloke right at the front dancing all over the place and the songs from the first album went down a treat (sepcially show ender Karen). However, the new tracks obviously werent that familar with the crowd and fell a bit flat. Still an entertaining gig which lasted just over an hour.


AC/DC and The Answer - O2, 14 & 16th April

The much hyped and nigh impossible to get tickets shows of AC/DC at the O2. It has been six years since I saw them at the one off show at Hammersmith and nearly a decade since their last tour where I saw them at Wembley Arena. We stood on the Tuesday and got an excellent view down the front on the left. Thursday we were high in the gods near the back of the Dome. Each set was exactly the same and you'd be hard pushed to spot a difference if you played a tape of each show next to each other. However, it was still high quality entertainment. The cliches are there with Angus still dressed as a school boy, a giant bell coming down from the ceiling for Hells Bells and guns being shot during show closer, For Those About To Rock. However, a video of an out of control train with a devil angus being tied up by two rock chicks opened the show with a bigger than real life train crashing between the screens. A great stage effect. It was riden by a sixty foot inflatable of a large chested woman of the night during Whole Lotta Rosie, which led to the guns at the end being a bit of a let down. The set did have six songs from their latest album which was a bit much and we could have donw without the blues jam and striptease of 'The Jack'. Still a great show.
Belfast's The Answer was the support who I have seen a few times before. We caught only the last three songs on Tuesday and the full set on Thursday. Quite enjoyable too but still need time to get to know their new album.

Set - 'Rock And Roll Train’, ‘Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be’, ‘Back In Black’, ‘Big Jack’, ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’, ‘Shot Down In Flames’, ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘Black Ice’, ‘The Jack’, ‘Hell’s Bells’, ‘Shoot To Thrill’, ‘War Machine’, ‘Anything Goes’, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, ‘TNT’, ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ ‘Let There Be Rock’, /////// ‘Highway To Hell’ ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Rose Elinor Dougall, The Old Queens Head 5.4.09

A free gig in North London for my favourite ex-pipette. I do enjoy going to the Old Queens Head. At a Dot Allison gig a few years ago I got a free keyring from them which is still on my set of keys. I got here at eight and managed to see both supports. Patrick Robinson is in Rose’s band and was fairly inoffensive. However, I did quite enjoy the other support Sunderbans who were quite heavy and melancholic.
I am getting used to Rose’s songs now and here she opened with what will be her new single in June “Stop/Start/Synchro”. Check out her myspace site to hear it. “Come Away With Me” (the only song here without Rose playing an instrument) is a lovely piece of summery pop, and there is some psychedelia evident in the last single, “Another Version Of A Pop Song”. The 30 minute set ended abruptly with a song called “Falling Down”, a shame as they were just getting into a stride.
The audience included former band mate Gwen from the Pipettes lending her support. All in all an excellent evening and I definitely cannot wait for the album when it is eventually released.

Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/franthefan/3418577179/ + one of mine added.

Monday, April 06, 2009


The Saints

Defeat at home to Charlton just days after the clubs holding company went into administration was not good. However, as the board has now gone the prospect of new owners look good and hopefully some investment. Hopefully there is a future though it may have to be in league one. Still a few new grounds and places to visit there.
Much debate surrounds whether we should be deducted points. Derby avoided this several years ago when their holding company went bust so I see no reason why we should. People have stated that we are exploiting a loophole, yet the holding company was set up before the loophole in the rules existed. Still I would be asking questions why the loophole in the rules is there in the first place and fuming if I were a fan of one of the relegation rivals. It could get very messy in court if we were to pull off another great escape.
Talking of away trips, got a good friday in Wolverhampton. The cobermarle and the rock pub the Giffard Arms are essential when in the black country. The final game of the season is in Nottingham coinciding with my birthday and as such a celebration with a few mates up there. Again another place brimming with good pubs and a classic rock place to end up in!

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