Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thunder Christmas Show, Rock City Dec 20

Thunders Christmas show in Nottingham, starting the day off in Hooters, served by the lovely Jenny.

As we walked to the hotel we saw guitarist Luke Morley go on a walk. More pubs followed prior to the show where it was the normal set of two halfs. The electric set concentrated more on their own stuff which as the band are technically no more was sensible. They ended with Slades Merry Christmas Everybody, the second time a show has ended with that in three days. We then had a quick game of countdown in the nearby pub before going to the Rescue Rooms to stay out till gone 1 drinking £1.50 pints of San Miguel.


Slade Koko Dec 18

Introduced by DJ Mike Read, this was a charity show for the Lord Taverners Group. A full 90 minute set including the 70s hits but also some more obscure stuff such as Lock Up Your Daughters and Here Me Calling. There was even a cover of The Loner for a Dave Hill solo. With only Dave Hill & drummer Don Powell left from the classic line-up you can only really treat this as a tribute act, allbeit an entertaining one. Obviously ending with It's Christmas!!!!!

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