Friday, February 01, 2019


2019 here it is

Not posted for a while, so thought I'd do a quick update on a cold wet February 1st.  did I do dry January? God no. In fact the first two weeks of the year there weren't any dry days, but things quietend down towards the end of the month.
2018 highlights included a riotous weekend in Dublin without sleep, and a long weekend in Bath which was also quite wet. I will venture to leave the English shores this year once I renewed my passport, following Heather Nova round Germany & Amsterdam seems a long time ago & id like to see more sights, possibly more Eastern Europe, who knows?
Reading Tali Sharon's Optimism Bias at the moment, explains how people are happy and view to get the glass half full, recommended.
Glass getting fuller at St Mary's after three dire managers, though my local team in Amber & Chocolate continue with my support.
Best gig in 2018 was probably Sweet at Oxted Beer Festival followed by Bryan Adams At Wembley.
Best album Halestorm's Vicious, and best film was Black Panther though I loved Venom which was panned by critics.
Hopefully do a few more posts this year but again who knows? Suppose me, let's see how motivated I am to the net, which I see is on computers now.
Finally threw a 132 checkout last night, so still buzzing on that,
Peaceful 2019 to all,


A couple of photos from 2018

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