Wednesday, February 28, 2007


75th pub reached 2007

After a scrappy 1-0 win for Saints at home to Ipswich on Saturday, I headed towards Hammersmith and saw a band called The Vesuvius Club in the upstairs at Edwards. Fortunately skool disco has moved from the palais so there weren’t mobs of people dressed up as kids around. The band were pretty good, in the classic rock tone. Gravely voice, reminiscent of Stiltskin and Pearl Jam, they did about thirty minutes of guitar based rock. May check them out again towards the end of the year. Managed to reach the 75th pub of the year too by having a quick one in Wimbledon’s Prince Of Wales before getting the last First Connect service back to Sutton. Still way way behind my totals of the last three years.

Sunday went to O’Neills (Sutton) for the Carling Cup final. Managed to get a stool by a ledge in front of the screen and have to tip my hat to two barmen who provided table service for everyone in there (it was fairly packed) with no mark up on the drinks. The cup final itself was hugely entertaining. Note to Wenger, put Theo up front and central and he’ll score goals like that all the time! The punch up made the game and Adebayors reaction to being sent off was hilarious and thoroughly deserves a lengthy ban. I was left cursing though when Shevshenko hit the bar in the 93rd minute as I had a bet on Chelsea to win 3-1 which would have paid eighteen quid.
The evening I spent at home, watching Bridget Jones Diary on channel four for the first time. Absolute garbage! Apparently women like things like this as in reminds them of real life. Therefore I deduce that women need to get out more!

Finally got round to watching the Japanese original of The Ring 2 on Monday. Just as good as the first one. Not exactly horror but more supernatural thriller. There is apparently a third called Ring 0. Not sure whether the Beatles drummer is in it or not but I may have to track down the DVD.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


19, you're only 19 you don't need a boyfriend

Saw the Long Blondes at the Astoria on Tuesday. Hailing from Sheffield, some of their stuff sounds remarkably reminiscent of Pulp (circa the His n Hers album). Indeed their debut album was produced by Pulp’s bassist. Fronted by the enigmatic Kate Jackson they were quite impressive. A sold out and young crowd also enjoyed it. Giddy Stratospheres was a good singalong with Separated By Motorways making it a bouncy encore. Will make sure I see them again.
Before the gig we went to the Walkabout in Shaftsbury Avenue. Tooheys New bottles a bargain £1-50. A pound profit was won on the quiz machine although it had to be claimed from the bar as a message pooped up on the screen with the words “IOU £1, Please contact the operator”. Here we saw the football with it all going off in the Man Utd game. Firstly, terrible organisation at the match. Surely in the days of all seater stadium and good ticketing there should be no excuse for overcrowding. The foreign police typically overreact to any English fans by spraying teargas! Secondly Lille storming off the pitch! What’s that about?? My view is that the ref was correct in allowing the goal. Even the one he disallowed for Lille for the ‘push’ on Vidic you could make a case both ways. Still that’s European football for you. All controversy and all games are big.

Not much planned this weekend with mainly Saints Ipswich taking my time up Saturday and I will probably go and watch the Carling Cup somewhere on Sunday. Next week, the gig season has well and truly started with Stephen Fretwell and The Killers

Monday, February 19, 2007


You say you want a revolution...

Had my first visit to Revolution in Sutton at the weekend. Went there early on and I have to say I quite liked it. We were drinking Vodka cocktails which seemed to be the best value but did get you hammered quite quickly. Not sure I would have liked it too much later when it gets busy but the fact its almost unrecognisable from the Litten Tree incarnation must be a plus. The bar staff all seemed friendly when making the bizarre drinks and the garden seems to have had a refit so may be a place to go in the summer when the weather is nice.

Saturday saw me wake up with a hangover, not helped by the fact the trains were diverted through Staines on the way down to Southampton. Did have time for a couple of cans on the train and made it in time for kick off. Its always entertaining when your team scores five although we did make hard work of it by conceding two soft goals. Stayed behind for a beer in Southampton after the game and the long journey home meant Saturday night didn’t really happen.

Sunday, I finished Louise Weners third book, ‘The Half Life Of Stars’. A cracking easy-read much like her first two novels. This revolves round a girl searching for her brother who has disappeared without any trace or warning. Louise Wener was the singer and songwriter of the fantastic Britpop band Sleeper and although I’d much rather she got back to music, her talents in creating do transfer to the written page. Thoroughly recommended.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentines Day

Even if I'm with someone I still think this is commercial ribbish. You shouldn't need a specific day of the year to tell someone that you love them.

Anyway being the romantic songwriter I am, I decided to count the number of different girls who I have actually met who I have written songs about. Some of which I have been romantically involved with, some of which I haven't but wanted to be and some who I have no interest of that nature but were just a bit quirky. The answer surprised me. It's 15! Obviously some girls, mainly girlfriends (now ex-girlfriends) got more than one song and some (mainly the whacky ones) just got the single song but 15 impresses myself. 15 'muses' with possibility of more to come.

Not much happening on the Sulphur front alas. We've not played this year although I do have a few new songs to try. May have to find an open mic night so I can try them out as a solo artist.


Ride The Night Away

So back to semi-normality in my life. Not sure what I prefer. Steady times knowing everything as it is or chaotic unexpected levels of semi alcohol fuelled randomness.
Last Wednesday saw Jimmy Barnes at Londons borderline. An acoustic set with tow of his daughters he played his classics ‘Working Class Man’, ‘You Cant Make Love Without A Soul’ and Cold Chiesel’s ‘Khe Sahn’ apparently an anthem for aussie nurse. I was one of the very few non Australians in the crowd and as you expect from the post in October when I last saw him, a room full of pissed up Aussies led to a good atmosphere. We also got a few covers including ‘Proud Mary’ and the Beatles ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. Another great show by Jimmy although I think I prefer him with a full electric band when he can really rock out!

The weekend saw me visit Birmingham. Firstly for the West Brom game. We had the female lino and everything Mike Newell said about her (& subsequently fined for saying it) was right.She was dreadful, getting most decisions wrong. Having said that the ref also got two big decisions wrong by only giving Curtis Davies a yellow when he brought Kenwynne Jones down when he was clear through and failing to spot an obvious hand ball outside the area by Kiely, although Miss Sowter should have also spotted the latter it was that blatant. Despite dominating the majority of the game we have to settle for a point annoyingly.

The evening saw us in the Birmingham Academy seeing Bloc Party. A fairly rubbish venue unfortunately. Bloc Party were ok, some of their songs were a bit overlong and there was no stage presence at all. Still they had one or two good songs and the youngish crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

For the first time in ages I had a ‘date’ on Sunday. It was very nice. Alas it’s difficult to see anything developing though considering our respective locations. However, it was good to spend some time with a female and get along with them outside mate’s girlfriends / wives and a work environment.

Considering my resurgence in form I have bottled out of the plan for tonight listed in a previous post. We do have a good choice of TV tonight with the Brits, Bolton Arsenal and at ten o’clock Never Mind The Buzzcocks with a guest walking out on it!

Another fairly social weekend approaches with a friend’s wife birthday on Friday night and footie on Saturday. Am seeing a band called the Long Blondes next week so have bought their album today to prepare. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Nights Of Mystery

The title is a song by the Georgia Satellites written by the great Dan Baird.
Most people who know me are aware of my weekend goings on, so won’t go into detail over it here. I’m not sure if documenting everything you do in a public environment is the best thing. Its possible that writing everything that happens in your life can attract a stalkish element, certainly that’s a reason the internet is used (ie to look up every person you’ve ever known) which sometimes can be good and sometimes very bad.
If you are a bizarre person from my history however, you could leave a comment to see if I get back to you.
Anyway sandwiched between the two nights in O’Neills in Kingston and Sutton respectively we have Southampton losing at home to Derby. A game of two halves. Saints should have been four up by half time but alas it was not to be. Watched Spurs Man Utd down Clarets (its good to be back in Cheam again for the football and its always nice to see Spurs get thrashed) and then went to O’Neills (Sutton) on the Sunday night which was surprisingly fun. The guitarist hammered out decent covers of the Who’s Can’t Explain and the Killers Somebody Told Me aswell as stuff from Hendrix, The Stones and John Lee Hooker. Sometimes a bit too flash for his own good he did persuade me to stay for an extra pint that I wasn’t planning. Winning a fiver on the quiz machine also probably helped that decision.
Off to Birmingham and staying the night this coming Saturday. West Brom Saints in a must win game for us, followed by Bloc Party in a show where the curfew in at 9.30 leaving time for plenty of beers after. Birminghams supposed to have had a bit if a recent uplift so no doubt we can find some place suitably trendy. Before that there’s Jimmy Barnes at London’s Borderline on Wednesday.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Ban the touts!

The teenage cancer Trust tickets went on sale today and unsurprisingly the offical internet sites selling tickets all crashed. You don't mind too much except you know half the tickets are going to end up on e-bay. If there was a law (which exists solely for football matches) that you cannot sell a ticket for above the face value then problems of the sites crashing would be sorted.

Been an ok week this week. Saw West Ham lose to Liverpool in the Butterchurn on Tuesday. Bizarrely if you were at the game you would have seen Bonnie Tyler at half time. Two good goals from the scousers and the hammers aren't so happy. In fact they are in deep relegation do-do. I quite like West Ham but after spending so much in the transfer window you do want them to go down to prove money can't buy anything. Saints got a well deserved win against Sheffield Wednesday, wednesday, with two goals from Kenwynne Jones. I've always liked Kenwynne and get disappointed with some members of the crowd who obviously don't. This game he showed he can be a real threat. It was a fantastic cross from our player of the season so far, Chris Baird, to set him up for the second. Have got another huge game tomorrow where we are at home to leaders Derby. Win that and there's a real chance of automatic promotion.

Last night I watched the original Japenese version of 'The Ring' which I've had for some time yet never got round to watching. Its infinately better than the american remake. Chilling right till the end. Have got the follow up to watch next week (& this time I haven't seen the american remake so the plot will be unfamilar).

With the big game Saturday and that I'm not working, I am looking forward to the weekend. Got another gig to attend next week with Jimmy Barnes on Wednesday. Allegedley an acoustic show, it is at the Borderline, a tiny basement in soho. Should be good!

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