Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Cribs and The Glitterati 17/10 + 19/10

A couple of gigs to write up -
‘ello we’re the Cribs from Wakefield!’ is the customary introduction for The Cribs. Having booked up for these at the Forum on the 17th at a similar time when I saw them at the end of May, I thought that their latest album might grow on me. However, it hasn’t. I just don’t think its much cop. However, the atmosphere in the venue was better than the Astoria. The Forum is probably a better venue, with the step down from the bar, and fairly easy to get to the front left of the moshpit. Mirror Kisses always sounds good and that and Wrong Way To Be are probably worth the admittance. Both myself and my friends were impressed with our pre-gig choice of pub called the Pineapple. Hidden round the back of Kentish Town, it was very bohemian with stools at the bar and played some excellent indie rock at a sensible volume to allow conversation. Will have to try there again.

The Friday (19th) I made my first ever visit to Camden’s Purple Turtle for The Glitterati. An excellent rock band they played a good mix of new songs and stuff from their debut. Whether they will get round to releasing their second album is unsure. Although their opener was a new one called ‘No-one else can f… me up!’ which sets the tone for a slightly harder edge than their older more recognisable stuff. Bizarrely, I was recognised from their previous gig last year (I must be distinctive!) from a girl who was in a band that supported them then. She appears to be upset that she doesn’t play her bass in her new band. However, she seemed very nice and confident though and it’s a shame her band (idle silver) don’t appear to have any London gigs planned yet. A big Paramore fan too!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Keep Dancing

Firstly a couple of gigs to report upon. Six Nation State ended prematurely when the bass player did his ankle in with two songs to go. The lead singer was very apologetic as he colleague was carried off by the drummer and a female audience member who was apparently a nurse. The gig itself was in a fairly packed Borderline and concentrated on SNS debut album with the songs played in a similar order to it. ‘Keep Dancing’ and ‘We Could Be Happy’ are great summery ska songs. However with the album out and the band still playing relatively small venues, it’s disappointing that they may have missed the boat with their debut. A great band and hopefully they will stick it out for a follow up and get the venues and popularity they deserve.
Toby Jepson lead singer of the Little Angels (defunct) played the Carling Academy in Islington last week. Once again the Carling Academy ran out of Carling. Still Grolsch was still available, incidentally the only lager on the Vegetarian Society’ approved list. Toby was promoting his Drims, Bass & Guitar EP trilogy, the first two were available at the venue, the third being out near Christmas, and the set was heavily laden with the new stuff. Still it was all pretty good and the four Angels songs culminating with ‘Too Much Too Young’ went down a storm.

I had to work in Farnborough the other day and found a very good pub nearby the station called the Thatched Cottage. A young attractive barmaid, a quiz machine, and the feeling of a nice country pub is all you need for a very pleasant drink, which indeed I had. Recommended if you are ever in the area.

Finally to close, last Saturday I had a very nice time with a group of friends in the Little Windsor in Suttons Newtown area, watching the rugby. England got through to the final, not that I care much, but there was a good atmosphere without the pub being overcrowded. Hopefully a similar evening will be had this Saturday with a similar result. McLaren out by the way if we were to discuss football!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ram a lam

Right then. Southampton’s form goes from fantastic to the ridiculous. I had a fantastic trip to Sheffield, my first to Bramall Lane, where we won 2-1. I then miss a drubbing at Preston on the Tuesday. Saturday against West Brom we again played some good stuff, just wish for some consistency and decent defending. On the Sunday after Sheffield I went to Tooting & Mitcham’s new ground for a charity game between Chelsea Old Boys, Southampton Old Boys. Saints must have been struggling for players as they had Ziggy from Big Brother and Luther Blisset playing for them. Chelsea had a few more stars and Ray ‘Butch’ Wilkins still looks a class act and could probably still do a job in the lower leagues. One of the patrons of the charity it was for was Jason Cundy’s wife, who looks well fit. Had Mr Cundy been an excellent office worker rather than an average centre half I doubt they would have courted or is that me being cynical?
On Thursday (4th) I was the youngest person by six years in the crowd at the Fairfield Hall to see Joe Brown and Dave Edmunds. Only really went for the welsh guitar wizard who after a few instrumentals (including Elton’s Your Song) played by him alone, belted through I Hear You Knocking, Singing The Blues and Queen Of Hearts with Joe’s backing band. In the second half he joined Joe Brown for a couple of rock ‘n’ roll numbers, Hello Mary Lou & Cludette before sing his own hit Girls Talk. Joe Brown was entertaining too considering I knew virtually nothing about his music. A few covers including surprisingly ‘Black Betty’. Good entertainment and we managed to get back to Sutton for a couple of pints in O’Neills which is open till midnight after.
This weekend was a huge melee of great sport. After Saints victory and hearing England won the rugby quarter final I watched France beat New Zealand in the same sport in the evening. I normally detest rugby but I found this game very enjoyable and good to view. Sunday I watched England take a 2-1 lead in the one day cricket series against Sri Lanka. Very low scoring and tense but the right result. Monday it was India’s turn to upset the apple cart and beat Australia in their one day. This was made more entertaining by Ricky Ponting being given out by the third umpire much to his disbelief and see him throw a tantrum in the pavilion. Classic.

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