Saturday, July 07, 2012


Gabrielle Aplin Dingwalls 5.7.12


Status Quo - Kew Gardens 3.7.12


St Etienne London Palladium 25.6.12


Suzanne Vega - Basingstoke Anvil 21 June

Marlene On Th Wall / When Heroes Go Down / Small Blue Thing / Caramel / Frank And Ava / Gypsy / New York Is My Destination / The Instant Of My Hour After / Harper Lee / Left Of Center / Blood Makes Noise / Tombstone / Queen And The Soldier / Luka / Toms Diner //// Songs In Red And Grey / In Liverpool / Rosemary


Peckham Cowboys 12 Bar Club 20 June

First on the bill was Brijette West who played with the Peckham Cowboys in Streatham a few weeks earlier. A similar set to then including Mess of Myself and Hey Papito from her solo album and the NY Loose classic Pretty Suicide. Again she was excellent despite not using her own guitar and a couple of problems with microphone stability.
Gasoline Queens were next on starting their set with just myslef and brother in the crowd. That soon changed and by the time they invited Texas Terri to join them for a cover of the Stones Dead Flowers it was packed. I quite enjoyed their set, a typical bar room rock feel to them much like the headliners. They had been backing Tyla afrom the Dogs D'Amour apparently and kept a cover of Last Bandit in their set.
Annoyingly we had to wait over an hour for the Peckham Cowboys. The singers girlfriend had been in the venue with him and their cat since the middle act but I assume one of them had not turned up. This meant they had to reduce the set to five songs. Opening with South London Thing, Guy Bailey, despite looking a bit of a state still looks a rock star playing his flying V. Again a great sound to the band, it was disappointing they ended just when it felt we were getting going

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