Monday, April 19, 2010


Luke Haines, Relentless Garage 15.4.10

Luke Haines made one of the best albums of last year, 21st Centruy Man with its views on London and southern surburbia, seni biographies of Klaus Kinski and Peter Hamill and his autobiography 21st Century Man which can be played in unison with his excellent Britpop autobiography Bad Vibes. This show balanced this album, his other best solo work (Leeds United, Bad Reputation) and The Autuers Britpop stuff brillantly. There is something delightful when a song called Light Aircraft On Fire is introduced as a Christmas single. The donwside to tonights gig is that Mr Haines did not tell us his Yorkshire Ripper joke.

English Southern Man / Love Letter To London / Never Work / Unsolved Child Murder / Surburban Morning / Showgirl / The Upper Classes / Peter Hammill / Bad Reputation / 20th Century Man inc Junk Shop Clothes / Leeds United / Klaus Kinski / Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop / Meet Me At The Airport / Light Aircraft On Fire ///// Baader Meinhoff / Lenny Valentino

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