Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Night After Night

So a while between posts. So a decent catch-up to be had. Saw The Sounds last Wednesday hence the photo but we’ll come up to that shortly.
In the few days after Gary Moore I have managed to finalise a route for this year’s pub crawl taking place Saturday week (30th). Visiting 22 Blue Plaques across London seeing homes of such luminaries as Ian Fleming, Florence Nightingale, Jimi Hendrix and Gandhi! Should be a good one.

Had a band practice on the Tuesday, the first for a few months. Sulphur appears to be on a bit a hiatus at the moment although Same Old Song and the first time we’ve tried The Cribs ‘Wrong Way To Be’ led to some great improvisation and reminded me of why we continue to do it sporadically. Do need to organise some gigs though, whether as Sulphur or as a solo act remains to be seen.

So The Sounds then. After a few beers including the new Intrepid Fox again and a place called TPA in Denmark Street I head into the ex LA2 (the Mean Fiddler). Not especially packed they played for just over an hour. They opened up with three of their first album (not available over here although I did buy a copy from the merchandise stall) before moving on to their current album they should be promoting. A cross between the Killers and the Wannadies is generous but gives you an idea of the keyboard – poppy guitar sound should you not know them. Mya the female singer and the guitarist are rocknroll with the onstage drinking and smoking. Made a new female friend during the show who was going to the club Fabric in Farringdon with her gang of friends and managed to persuade me to join them (to be honest I didn’t need too much persuading). However it was foolish as the club was closed but we did find an emptyish place called Dust next door which was open for a few. Despite the elongated night I resisted the temptation to phone in sick on the Thursday and paid the price for it with my team finishing last in the quiz at the Sports Club that evening. To be fair I had some sleep when I did get in from work so not much of an excuse!
Finally Saturday a pub crawl of Carshalton was done culminating in The Woodman where it was Elvis night. Carshalton has always been considered a bit divey but to be fair it’s probably no worse than some other places frequented and although a little pricey our starting point, The Greyhound and the last place are quite good pubs. In between we did the always quiet Racecourse, The Hope, Lord Palmerston and The Coach & Horses.

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