Saturday, June 23, 2007


The Answer @ The Borderline and Pirates 3

Saw The Answer on Wednesday at the Borderline, one of my favourite small venues. It was excellent, with songs from their album Rise and a cover of Aerosmiths Sweet Emotion who they are supporting on Sunday. Alas the 20-20 cricket Im attending means I will miss them though should get all of Steve Tyler & Co.

Eventually got round to going to Pirates 3 on Thursday. Entertaining but very complex and I admit I did get lost at one or two places. Difficult to differentiate between what is supposed to be symbolism or what is supposed to be happening. Johnny Depp was fanastic as he normally is, and Keira Knightly should that she can play a feisty role when her character Elizabeth was promoted to King. The Keith Richards cameo was also appreciated. Interesting last scene after the credits too though I don't really like the idea of this which is happeneing in more and more films. (I missed the one in the X-Men 3 film).

Quiet weekend planned until Sunday where its cricket in the afternoon and a rocknroll show at Hyde Park in the evening. Rock on!

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